What is Green Law?

In one sense, Green Law is environmental advocacy as traditionally practiced by environmental lawyers. It includes areas such as toxic tort litigation (exposure to toxic substances through spills, improper storage of chemicals, toxic mold, and so on that cause injury) and litigation in areas like clean air, water, wildlife, endangered species and more. It is the area of law that deals with protecting this planet so that citizens can enjoy the benefits of their natural environment.

Some of these benefits include better health, relaxation, recreational value, economic boosts, and others. It is also an area that deals with defending those accused of doing some injury to the environment.

Green Law, for us, goes beyond that. It is a code we practice by. It includes reducing the resources used, from saving paper to reducing the energy and the carbon footprint of our law practice. It includes protecting the environment of our community in Prince George County and the State of Maryland, not only through our professional activities, but by volunteering in clean-up efforts, aiding education and outreach for the community, and developing and fostering a sense of connection between the community and the environment.

We also recognize that the environment is not just the natural world around you, but your place in it. Your environment includes your home, your family, your plans, and your financial comfort.

We are dedicated to protecting your entire environment whether it is protecting your property from a toxic spill or protecting your home from other kinds of damage (like the actions of neighbors or utility companies).

Working with Gabel Legal Services, LLC you will come to understand that you not only have an advocate that will work for your goals, but will also help you to become greener and enjoy a better relationship and partnership with your community and your environment.

Environmental Law in Maryland

Environmental Law in Maryland

The field of environmental law is vast and complex, encompassing everything from pollution control to resource conservation. If you’ve become enmeshed in a conflict involving environmental regulations, you need representation from an attorney with the in-depth legal knowledge to help you come out on top. Gabel Legal Services, LLC offers environmental law services in Bowie, Prince George County and the State of Maryland. We are prepared to handle a wide variety of legal situations surrounding environmental issues.
John Gabel has worked on environmental issues in both scientific and legal capacities. He provides a well rounded approach to environmental problems that take a strong scientific and legal background in environmental law. He has published endangered species reports as well as portions of Environmental Impact Statements. Mr. Gabel has the legal and scientific training to understand your environmental problems and give you the right advice in environmental matters.

Environmental Assessment

Mr. Gabel has worked on several environmental assessments in the State of Maryland ranging from endangered species reports to environmental assessments and environmental impact statements. Let Gabel Legal Services, LLC help you with your environmental documents to properly assess environmental risks and impacts of your projects.

With experience and training in environmental problems from both the scientific and legal perspectives, we are able to help you develop environmental documents that not only meet your immediate needs but work with your current program without compromising its future directions.

Agriculture Law

Because John Gabel has worked with USDA and other government agencies in the area of agricultural law including biotechnology, infrastructure, and product development, he can provide you with the support and expertise you need to navigate the regulatory minefields of government agencies.

Because of an increasing awareness of the impacts humans have on the planet through development, there is increased emphasis on green, or sustainable, development. Mr. Gabel currently works with green businesses in the town of Bowie and Prince George County to help them develop strategies to offer their services in Maryland and take advantage of incentive programs for Green Business.

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